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Our Mission

Where the artistry of flight meets the essence of human potential. Aerial Alchemy is rooted in a commitment to fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity, and empowerment, while upholding the paramount values of safety and quality instruction. 



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Our Story

Ground. Flow. Fly.


This is our teaching philosophy from almost two decades of curriculum design, fitness movement, and aerial circus arts. We teach students and instructors from the ground up, to ensure a solid foundation of knowledge and a strong platform to build from.


Our curriculum is designed from over 20 years of combined experience in education, aerial artistry, curriculum design, safety, performance, and intelligent progressions. 

Our Curriculum 

In every teacher training, we break down: 

Meet Sara and Karlene, the dynamic duo behind Aerial Alchemy Academy.  With a combined experience of over 20 years in education, curriculum design, business ownership, and awe-inspiring performances, they have carved a path that marries passion with expertise. Their journey has taken them from captivating stages to educational spaces, and now they extend their wisdom and craft to adults and youth alike.

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Sara "Rara" 

As an electric performer and experienced instructor, Sara displays power and strength in her movement through dynamic motion and refined aerial technique. A multi-apparatus aerialist since 2010, Sara studied primarily at A-WOL Dance Collective in Portland, Oregon in the training and professional programs, where she developed an understanding of large-scale productions, choreography, directing, rigging, class management, act creation, and the art of performance. She has performed as a solo artist as well as in duos, trios, and full casts. ​ Holding a Bachelor's Degree in education, Sara brings her joy and passion from the stage into the classroom, where she specializes in youth aerial arts and aerial yoga programs and curriculum. She has directed multiple youth shows and strives to instill confidence and strength in her students, believing in creating a fun and safe environment for students of all athletic backgrounds to thrive. Along with her excitement for show production, she has behind-the-scenes knowledge ranging from budgeting and stage management to costuming and set design.  ​ With a heart for adventure, Sara trained, taught and performed with the amazing Meraki Circus of Agnes Water, Australia from 2018-2021. She then returned to the USA, and moved to Boise, Idaho where she worked to build a state of the art aerial program for youth and adults at Asana Climbing Gym.   Here she met Karlene where an instant bond was formed and the aerial alchemy began! Now she is on the road to Florida and is looking forward to circus and beach life. Outside of her aerial life,  Sara enjoys finding new adventures with her husband, toddler and dogs.   

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Karlene "Aerial Yoga Girl" 

Karlene has been addicted to aerial since her first Cirque de Soleil show at 22 years old,  and felt a spark to find a place to train in the aerial arts. At the time because "aerial silks" was not something easily found to train, or on the internet - this was before the days of Instagram.By 25 years old, she luckily discovered there was a local circus school, owned by former Cirque de Soleil performers, the New England Center for Circus Arts, where she studied and earned her aerial silks instructor certifications.  ​At the time, she was also a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and a full time high school teacher. Karlene  understood the freedom, strength, balance, flexibility, and technique that aerial instilled, and since there was only one aerial studio in New Hampshire at the time that did not offer aerial yoga,  she worked to create an Aerial Yoga and Aerial Dance program in her small home state.  Kama Fitness was her first studio, and was the first dedicated Aerial Yoga studio in the state of New Hampshire. The studio grew to eventually have over 5,000 students, and is still in business today. Before she sold the studio in 2020,  Kama Fitness was voted the "Best Fitness Studio" in New Hampshire, as well being voted the "Best Fitness Trainer" the following year. You can see more about the studio awards and magazine features for Aerial Yoga Here. She created "Aerial Yoga Girl TV" to help both herself and her students remember the countless tricks and moves on the aerial fabric and hammock. She worked diligently to create an online tutorial library of Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, and Aerial Hammock moves for the studio students to access easily so they could remember moves, names, and track their progress. ​Since then, she has moved to Idaho where she and Sara "Rara" co-created performances, youth and adult aerial programs, and teacher training programs. She has continued to perform and teach around the Idaho area, and online to her global aerial community. When she's not flying, she's building websites, designing marketing plans for local small businesses, and taking her aussie doodle Sage on new hikes and adventures. 

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